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Weak and Strong Processes For Z =/= Z(Max Stability)

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    Hi, just curious because I don't have it in my notes, say for fixed A (Atomic Number) we have Z_s which is the proton number that gives max stability. For Z =/= Z_s there are 3 1st order weak process that occur, does anyone know what these are? And when Z is far from Z_s there are two strong processes that become significant, what are they? And finally if A is even (so far it is assumed odd) there's a 2nd order weak process. What is it?

    Just curious because I'm not too sure what it's talking about here. Is it talking about decay due to the weak and strong nuclear forces? So when the atom is very unstable (Z far from Z_s) then instability of the nucleus is high and a decay due to the strong force takes place?

    Help appreciated.
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    I also wonder what 'strong' is referring to.

    But anyway, I think that the 3 1st order weak ones are beta decay (two kinds) and electron capture. These are weak since the weak interaction are govering this.

    The second order weak process might be that some odd-odd nuclei can undergo both beta plus and beta minus.

    The 'strong' processes must be proton emission and alpha decay.

    I should ask my teacher about this if I were you, I have never heard this nomenclature before. But you said that this wasn't in your notes, what is the source of this information then?
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