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B Weak measurement in double slit experiment gives which path

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    In 2012, experimenters showed that when two entangled photons separate and when one goes through the double slit, we can tell which slit it went through and see that they still created an interference pattern because the photon that it was entangled to tells us which slit it went through. What do you guys think of this?
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    The basic idea of using entanglement to generate which-path information has been around since well before 2012. For example, it's the basis for Kim's delayed choice experiment around the turn of the century: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delayed_choice_quantum_eraser#The_experiment_of_Kim_et_al._.282000.29.

    It's not at all clear what this might have to do with weak measurements, but without a citation or link to the paper in which these results were published, it's impossible to say anything sensible about whatever experiment you're thinking of. That's why we have a rule requiring that sources be cited.

    This thread is closed. PM me with a link to your source and if it meets the guidelines in the PF rules we can reopen the thread.
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