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Welcome to all my new freinds.

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    For the show that never ends, Im so glad I can attend, my new friends my new friends.

    My name in irrelevant and I specialize in Pure logic. I live in Las Vegas Nevada and I am 57 years old born on Dec 18th 1957.

    I have 2 children in their early 20's living in California.

    I live alone with my 2 dogs who are the love of my life and our feelings are mutual to each other . We share a nice 2 bdrm 2 bath home in an "ok " neighborhood. Not too far from all the Las Vegas "action "

    I am a master at the art of logic and im here to show others how its done . How to become their own Maestro and also to be helped by others to expand what I already know to be true.

    I will be addressing the Einstein Bose Condensate and we will use it as a model as my thread progresses and expands into a positive double vortex. .
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    Welcome to PF!
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    thank you !!!
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