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What actually happened in the last scene of Sherlock S01E01?

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    In the last scene, Sherlock was tasked with picking a "good pill" or a "bad pill"? What ACTUALLY happened in that scenario and why did Sherlock picked the pill on the left?
    Here is what I think:

    This is in continuation to Jessica Barber's answer to this question
    So before reading this answer please read the answer in the above link.

    Let's say this was the correct answer. So there is a possibility that Sherlock could've died. Then the question arises what Moriarty had to gain from the situation if Sherlock died? Does he want to lose such a brilliant arch-nemesis? And doesn't it sound a little cowardice that Moriarty is using someone else to defeat Sherlock and he doesn't have the guts to stand against Sherlock?

    Remember the part in season 2 episode 3 where Moriarty teased Sherlock by saying," I knew you’d fall for it. That’s your weakness. You always want everything to be clever." How was Moriarty able to deduce that? From the 5 cases he threw over Sherlock? No, they were brilliantly planned and were in no way a reflection of Sherlock's weakness. Where did Moriarty get that idea then? I think this scenario was the time when it convinced Moriarty that Sherlock treats everything to be a complex case even when making a random choice like these two bottles.

    In my opinion, from choosing left-handed victims to the Jeff's "move", these all were factors deliberately introduced, to see how much thinking Sherlock would apply in a simple game. This is when Moriarty realized that Sherlock want everything to be complex and clever.

    Do you guys have any theory about that scenario? What do you think of my reasoning?
    Let me know
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    Oh, I watched that one a long time ago. It was great! I thought that both pills contained poison so, whichever one Sherlock took, he could’ve died…that’s how the cabbie could have tricked the other people into committing suicide.
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    It was definitely rigged, otherwise the cabbie might have someone report him for his little game.

    However, who would dare say the good Mr. Holmes didn't have an antidote for every poison known to man in one of his pockets? ;)
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    The only reasonable conclusion is that Sherlock had long developed an immunity to Iocane powder.

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    There was also an explanation which intrigued me
    "The driver's sons whom he loved very much will get money if he could kill a person. So more killing = more money for the boys' future. Now as a father the driver wouldn't take that much risk. There has to be a trick..!! He can never kill four out of four people continuously, by depending on luck and psychology only.
    So.....what did he do..?
    Did u notice the pills in the bottle were capsules..not tablets. You can't chew capsule,you need water to swallow it. Now imagine you are his victim. After all that tension,would you bother about the water he gave you to eat the pill? You will swallow it with the water he provided...and good bye..rest in peace.. You are dead..!!

    Yes... that is it.. Both the bottles of pills are fake,just for show.. Poison is in the water.. So you close eyes,pick any bottle, but use your water bottle's water to eat.. Best of luck.."
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    I've never had any trouble swallowing capsules without water.
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    True, but regardless of what really happened, Sherlock never could have died because it was the first episode of the first season and you can't kill the leading character that quickly :wink:
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