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What are Isochores

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    Can you please tell me what they are ? Please give me an example for me to be able to imagine them more easily?
    Thanx in advance
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    Thanks iansmith a lot,
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    I am studying about molecular biology of the gene, I have just started a few days, not really understand much about it, but i think i will never misunderstand about the details i have just learnt, believe me, that is my best part, I am a good student anyway.
    ney, a little exaggerate ha..h?
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    I found a good way to study is via these forums.. if someone asks a question, you try and answer it using net/books! And if you're wrong, well then you learn even more..
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    Uhmm..., I will try it later,

    But why didn't you give me any link or tell me what you think about Isochores ??? Anything you take from your books or any places you know of are all fine...
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    Hm.. this is crazy.. the number 2 link on isochores is https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?threadid=31424 :eek:

    here you go mate, pratical applications of isochores, but a bit hard to understand for beginners, therefore a bit hard to understand for me as well.


    I didn't post a link before because i didn't even know what it was. Well.. now i do.. See, you learn a lot from these forums!!
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