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What are the best places to travel in europe this summer 2009?

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    Starting the trip off in geneva, and looking to go to germany possible austria and maybe parts of eastern europe.. 4 of us are students so budget is tight, but also looking to have fun i.e if they're any good festivals or cheap gigs going on. We're only travelling for 10 days so we're looking to see the best of the best. Heat factor and train prices will also be a factor

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    You're starting in Geneva? That's probably one of the most expensive places in Europe to visit, especially if you're on a budget!
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    With this budget, is your idea?
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    Consider Prague and Cracow.
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    Haha, I would probably just spend a day there and leave. Arrive at 10am and leave at 11pm.

    Some people need to learn trip planning.
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    Right, for budget reasons, leave Switserland as soon as possible but not to Italy. France and Germany are okay, although in France most highways have a toll (aso Switzerland and the Czech republic), Anyway better get to the east as fast as possible. I agree with Borek, Prague is nice, budget wise, as long as you can evade pickpockets (experience). Also Hungary (Budapest), Slovenia and Croatia (Plitvice lakes) are nice too.
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    To put things in a perspective - I have been to Prague two years ago, spent a week there, lost only front registration plate from the car. So at least they don't treat everyone the same way :tongue2:
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    Just curious...Is Cracow the same place Tom Hanks from, in the movie "The Terminal"? The country which the government gets toppled while he reaches US?
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    Cracow is an old capital of Poland.

    And Viktor Navorski is from fictional country of Krakozhia.
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    Thanks :)
    At least there's one website which mentions both the places.


    The "Krakozhia" could be an allusion to Polish (or slavic generally) immigration in the US. One of the biggest cities in Poland is Cracow, (Kraków in Polish, Cracovia in Latin), which sounds very similar to "Cracozhia".
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    Also spelled Krakow in English (at least in Britain) - never been but looks great, like a prettier version of Vienna .
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    This is very good advice.

    I just put up a couple of kids from home whom I know the parents of and they are on a 'budget' type trip through western europe and they passed through my area. In so far as I could tell, their trip for the last 6 weeks has so far consisted of sitting on trains, walking, and starving.
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