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What are the ways used for dealing with DNA Is it biologic ?

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    What are the ways used for proces DNA Is it a biological way or there are new ways of proces it
    on the molecular level (physical and chemical) and for the manufacture or injection of DNA within the cell (without the use of viruses or any old ways) ?
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    That's too general a question. There are far too many technologies and methods in use to detail all of them even generally. Just look up http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biotechnology" [Broken] on Wikipedia and start reading and following the links.
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    i just can't write all technologies are Used now with DNA (CUT or Paste or delete some Sections of DNA) all technologies i know that use Biological methods (Enzymes or virus)
    but i think there are (physical and chemical) way to do that think like Inorganic complexes
    that used in Acids Amini
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    Hi Markone,

    You can synthesize DNA base-by-base on a solid phase resin, though there are length limits. Yes, it can be microinjected into single cells.
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