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What are things that are expected to be discovered ?

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    What are some important theories in physics that are expected to be discovered within our generation?
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    That question is extremely hard to answer and at some levels, is nonsensical. How can we predict discoveries that haven't happened yet? A more appropriate question may be what will we be able to look at within our generation.

    For example, if the James Webb Telescope goes up, we'll be able to see even further back towards the big bang, but we can't say what we're actually going to see. The LHC is going to give us higher and higher collision energies, but we can't say what it's going to discover.
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    Next week's lottery numbers.

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    I mean there are certainly unsolved equations and mysteries in physics and maybe maths, i said perhaps our generation would be able to solve some of them
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    Science is on the verge of being able to predict what things are expected to be discovered.
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    Yes but we have no idea if or when unknown solutions will be discovered. It's pretty much impossible to predict because if you know what you need to solve a problem you have the solution. The solution itself may need you to solve some problems in which case you've moved the problem one step back. For instance;

    How do we solve X?
    Technology Y
    What do we need for technology Y?
    Something that has characteristics Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Epsilon.
    What has these characteristics?
    Nothing that we know of
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    Don't know about theories expected to be discovered, but one thing comes to mind.

    Within our generation, we should either discover the Higgs boson or rule it out.

    I don't know if it's expected, but I'd like to know WTF dark matter is before I die. I figure I have another 50 years to live if I'm lucky, so we'll see.
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    The theory of nothing will be discovered. Physicists will then debate whether nothing is something and whether it is even possible nothing is meaningless.
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    In addition I'd also like to know what's dark energy, provided they don't turn out to be the same.
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    I expect to discover a sequence that names all the primes in order beginning with 2.

    Hey, got to have goals, right?
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    It wouldn't make sense for them to be the same. They basically have opposite effects.
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    That it's turtles all the way down.
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