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What brain cells does glioblastoma affect?

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    Does glioblastoma, as the name suggests, affect only glial cells, or does it also impact neurons as well? Why does it spread so rapidly and effectively? And what modifications need to be done to the Zika virus to make it more effective at battling it?
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    The link mentions astrocytes and neurones “The cellular origin of glioblastoma is unknown. Because of the similarities in immunostaining of glial cells and glioblastoma, it has long been assumed that gliomas such as glioblastoma originate from glial type cells. However more recent studies suggest that astrocytes, oligodendrocyte progenitor cells and neural stem cells could also serve as the cell of origin.”

    Pretty resistant to chemo and radiotherapy from what I have read too.

    Its an aggressive cancer and ion channels are mentioned in the link, the link below gives some more detail

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