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What can neutrinos tell us about time?

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    What can Neutrinos tell us about time?
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    Why are you asking this about neutrinos instead of some other particle? What do you think is special about neutrinos in this respect?
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    You tell me. I am curious in ICECUBE observatories relation to our knowledge of time.
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    Is any one able to make a connection here?
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    I don't think anybody understands the question.

    JTBell asked a good question. Had you asked "What can pancakes tell us about time?" or "What can gym shoes tell us about time?" we'd be equally perplexed.
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    Haha, perhaps it is a bad question. I am producing a show on time and was curious if the Icecube observatory would reveal anything that would help us understand the fundamental nature of time.

    For example, CMB helps us gain a clearer picture of the early universe and big bang. Which i turn, helps us understand some of the questions about time better. Did time have a beginning? & Why does time unfold in one direction?

    Just curious if knowing more about neutrinos from the Icecube observatory's studies would shine a similar light on the issue.

    Thanks Again,
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    nah these neutrinos are related to high-energy processes in cosmos, such as AGN, SN etc.

    http://www.isv.uu.se/IceCube/science.php [Broken]
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