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What can you do with a physics degree

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    sorry if this is a repost, i am sure this question has been asked MANY times

    BESIDES teaching high school
    what kind of jobs can a bachelor's, masters, and PhD in physics get you?

    Money is not my primary concern, i would like to actually like to apply my nowledge and actually acknowledge that all the hard work that i am currently doing in undergrad (and definitely grad) by actually using it. I know of people who have gotten very good marks in physics only to go and work in banks.. i dont want that.

    Is getting a job iwth a physics degree less lucrative than with an engineering degree?
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    https://www.physicsforums.com/journal.php?do=showentry&e=58&enum=17 [Broken]

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    I have a BS in math and physics and work as a health physicist.
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    what is a health physicist? Something related to biophysics?
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