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B What cancel the quantum contributions in Cosmological Const?

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    ive been googling but cant get the exact answer. quantum contributions give a calculated cosmological constant that is 120 magnitude more than observed.. what terms in the equation is supposed to cancel the 120 magnitude? in electrodynamics.. the bare mass cancels the virtual particles clouds... what function as the bare mass analogically speaking in the cosmological constant thing?
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    We don't know. More generally, we don't know if the calculation that gives the value that is 120 orders of magnitude larger than observer is even correct to begin with. How the small cosmological constant we actually observe is produced from fundamental fields is one of the key outstanding questions in physics.

    If you're using perturbation theory and renormalizing in a particular way, yes. But that's an approximation, and we don't know if it even applies in the case of the cosmological constant.
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