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What causes computer brain-death ?

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    what causes "computer brain-death"?

    I don't know what else to call it, but I'm sure you've all experienced it: hours of working on the computer, you leave the computer, and realize you have the mental capacity of a broccoli.
    It's like your brain doesn't function normally, it's lost in a sort of haze.

    I've always wondered what causes it. Is it the refresh rates of the screen? the high contrast level? what is it? — it doesn't happen after hours of reading a book or working on paper, it only happens when working on the computer for long hours.

    Is there a known cause for it, or is it too trivial to investigate :biggrin:?
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    The computer can provide an almost-constant, non-stop level of mental stimulation. It can be pretty exhausting.

    - Warren
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    hm. I never thought of that, I always figured it was something to do with the screen, but it makes sense. I'm always doing a million things at once on the computer... browsing PF, checking my facebook and msn, listening to music, etc. and on top of that the actual work I'm supposed to be doing, if I find the time :biggrin:
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