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What Classes should I take next year?

  1. Apr 11, 2010 #1
    Hi all,

    First I just want to say that I find this forum really interesting and very helpful - so thanks to all those who answer these questions!

    Onto my questions - I am a Junior physics major considering what classes to take next year. I am lucky enough to have all of my requirements fulfilled to graduate except for one 3-credit senior physics lab. So next year I just have to fill up the rest of the 120 credits needed to graduate. The only problem is that I have already taken almost all of the undergraduate physics classes, including a full year of quantum, E&M, Stat mech, classical mech, and graduate math methods.

    I am planning on doing a senior thesis on something computational (there are a lot of options for that), so there goes 3-6 credits depending. But this leaves me with an extra 6 credits in the fall, and 9 credits in the spring. I am probably going to take a year of graduate quantum (because quantum and I get along really well), but i don't know what else to take. Would it be suicide to sign up for another graduate course like classical mechanics or stat. mech?

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    Have you considered a graduate course in something like probability theory, differential geometry, linear algebra, complex analysis etc.? I'm not a physicist but my friends who are physics major and who are roughly on the same track as you plan to do this and have been told it's quite helpful.
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