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What degree should I get for working in quantum technology?

  1. Jul 30, 2014 #1
    I'm a second year physics major and I want to work in quantum engineering. I think it's the future of technology. What degree should I do? I'm pretty much torn between physics and engineering physics. Obviously there's a trade off: engineering physics focuses more on applying concepts to the real world, while straight physics is more theory and math.

    Now I'm pretty sure the engineering physics program at my school doesn't go nearly in depth enough when it comes to quantum theory so would a physics degree be better? But with an engineering degree you learn to apply concepts much more than a physics degree.

    What degree would be better for me to take in order to have a career in quantum technology?

    By quantum technology I mean quantum computing, quantum imaging, quantum lithography, q-dots, etc.
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    I think that some of those subfields you mentioned are also areas of research in Materials Science.

    If you wanted to pursue a career in Materials Science, I think an undergraduate degree in chemistry or physics would suffice. I may be wrong, but probably not in regards to my 1st statement.
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