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What did you get for your parent's birthday?

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    What did you get?
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    what could be better than 'ME'?
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    I gave my parents a night out at one of there favorit hotels last year. Dads turning 80 this year, and told us he wants nothing for his Birthday. So I'm buying him a 80 dollar Gas card ..for his car.
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    I gave my dad a night time picture of the Earth's lights. The picture is a compilation of several pictures from a DSMP weather satellite.

    I used to control DMSP satellites, so I had given him a 8x10 black and white night time photo of the US about 20 years ago and last time I visited, I noticed he still had it on the wall. I decided a bigger, more up to date photo might be nice.
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    So, you're giving your dad gas for his birthday? :rofl: I'm sure he loves you anyway. :biggrin:

    Mine are lucky when I remember to mail them a card. Sometimes I surprise them with a phone call...but I wait until it's later at night so they're tired of talking to everyone else all day first; it keeps the call shorter.
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    I just got my mum an address book with the usual columns for name, address, phone number, and then a series of tick boxes where you can note whether they're 'good', 'bad' or 'ugly'. Smashing.
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    wow. compact and everything
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