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What did you studied in your 1st and 2nd year ?

  1. Nov 22, 2006 #1
    hi all

    what did you studied in your 1st and 2nd year ?

    i will start


    biomedical engineering dep.

    alnahrain unv.

    the 1st year
    1st course
    -engineering drowing and desecriptive geometry
    -medical physics ( cardiac physics and skeleton physics )
    -general chemestry
    -electrical cct. ( DC )
    -english lang.
    -programing ( baisic comands )
    -human rights

    2nd course
    -electrical cct. ( AC )
    -Microsoft office
    -english lang.

    the 2nd year

    1st course
    - engineering mechanic ( STATIC )
    - biochemestry
    - electronics
    - engineering mathematic
    - prgraming ( C++ )
    - materials scince
    - arabic lang.

    2nd course
    - anatomy
    - molecular and cell biology
    - electronics devises and cct. theory
    - laser and obticals ( introduction to laser medical app. )
    - engineering mechanic ( DYNAMIC )
    - programing ( C++ )
    - materials scince

    what about you ?
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  3. Dec 5, 2006 #2
    Hi bro. It's a bad idea to reveal what u've studied in your first and second years as the teaching curriculum differs in each country. What u've studied in England may be different from what i've studied in Singapore. I do not like to share such things in the forum. Ask more subject-related questions, ok?
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    female anatomy
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