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Engineering Which book is good for 1st and 2nd year

  1. Jun 4, 2015 #1
    I think first and second years of engineering are same for all branches worldwide.
    Is the syllabus different in other countries or same for 1st and 2nd years?
    Well I haven't gone to a university yet but do the university people tell us which book to buy or we have to decide on our own?

    It will be helpful if you can suggest me a book.
    I guess for engineering mathematics and physics etc. there are different books.
    So which are the good one from your experience?
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    Well generally you begin with calculus based physics, and well a calculus series. I have seen this to be very common and I am taking my schools introductory calculus/physics courses. For calculus, I would actually recommend khan academy, but as for a book I can not recommend one since my school used an online book/series. But a good physics book is Halliday Resnick Walker Fundamentals of Physics, which you could find a free .pdf with very little work online. The book my school uses is Giancoli Physics 4th Edition. (It has very good problems and derivations, but a bit confusing if you ask me.)
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    Kline (calculus) or Irodov (Fundamental Laws of Mechanics) are good.
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