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What Dimensions Are There (in Physics) ?

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    I am curious about how many dimensions there are in physics. My physics teacher responded with '10 or 11'.

    -1 dimension: ???
    0th dimension: Fixed point
    1st dimension: Line
    2nd dimension: Flat plane
    3rd dimension: Object with depth on a flat plane.
    4th dimension: 3-dimensional with time
    5th dimension: ???
    6th dimension: ???
    7th dimension: ???
    8th dimension: ???
    9th dimension: ???
    10th dimension: ???
    11th dimension: ???

    I've tried googling it, but couldn't find any good answers...

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    I never thought about negative dimensions!

    Anyway, you can think about the number of dimensions as how many numbers you need to represent a point in that space uniquely.

    So, for a two dimensional space, to specify a point, I would need two numbers (lets say, x and y). You can probably see how this is generalized.

    EDIT: As for answering your question... It depends on the physics you are doing. Physicists use anywhere from zero to infinite dimensions.
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    Okay... so are 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4-dimensional universally accepted by physics? Are those the only dimensions universally accepted?
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    I believe he means spatial/time dimensions
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    In the standard model there are four.

    The 10 to 11 dimensions your professor was talking about is from string theory, an (incomplete) contender for the theory of everything.
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    String theory predicts 11 dimensions:

    1. Up/Down
    2. Forward/Backward
    3. Left/Right
    4. Time
    5-11: Kaluza-Klein "curled up" dimensions.


    This is the easiest explanation I could find:
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