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What does fatty acid synthesis imply?

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    Sorry, I'm not much of a biology expert, but I was looking into the interactions between b5 and omega 3 fatty acids. I wanted some help clarifying this.


    Does that imply that it breaks down fatty acids and uses them as energy? Or does it help in the break down and uptake, and usage of fatty acids?

    Basically, will this hurt omega fatty acid intake by burning off fats, or actually make better use of them by using them for their essential purpose better?

    Thank you for your time, I respect the knowledge this community has to offer!
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    I think you are making this sound harder than it is. Pantothenic acid is just a molecule that is used in the synthesis of those molecules listed. You need this thing in order to make other things like those hormones, neurotransmitters. It's just a building block. It does not make and break anything on its own. lets see, it is part of fatty acid breaking down pathway, I guess it means you need to make CoA from it, then acetyl CoA from CoA. Anyway, it on its own is not going to do anything. It's not goint to make you lose weight or anything. These articles are always so general, gives people headaches, arent you annoyed by it too?

    ask more or private message me if u need more stuff
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    Thank you contrio,

    I understand what you mean, it makes sense. I was trying to simply over analyze it and started to confuse myself. You are right, it was overly simplified in a sense.
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