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Homework Help: What does it mean to be 'quantized'?

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    What does it mean to be 'quantized'? My teacher often says about Quantum Physics. I just don't get what that means. My teacher explained that quantized means everything can be or can not be (I didn't listen carefully) cut indefinitely. If everything can be cut indefinitely, then how about electron? It can not be cut since scientists haven't found what electron is made of, so please explain to me what quantized really means in a easy and understandable way. thanks a lot.
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    are you in a high school?
    My last year, grade 12 physics, teacher used to say that a lot. :smile:

    maybe, university professors would do the same.

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    yes, I am in high school. My teacher first tallked about tearing papers in half, and she said it could be cut into infinity, then she talked about molecule, but i forgot if the molecule can be cut or not. Anyway, can any object cut into infinity?
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    If something is quantized, it essentially means that that something comes in "chunks," and that these "chunks" cannot be broken into smaller "chunks."

    Take light as an example. The chunks that light is made up of are called photons. A sensor can only deal with whole numbers of photons. It cannot absorb 1/2 a photon, or 1.33333 photons, since the smallest amount of light that can be dealt with is 1 photon. 1/2 a photon or 1/3 of a photon don't exist.

    Does this help?
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    So it's like a multiples of integer. it will give 1n,2n,3n. but no any decimals.
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