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What does word absorption mean in the intestine?

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    What does word "absorption" mean in the intestine?

    Water is absorbed in the intestine.
    most water reabsorption take place in colon.

    When they water is absorbed in the first sentence, do they mean water moving out from the intestine to blood vessels. When they say reabsorption do they mean water coming into the intestine from blood vessels?

    The english is confusing me here. Thanks :smile:
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    Re: What does word "absorption" mean in the intestine?

    Nope when they say water is being reabsorbed they mean that water is apsorbed that was excreted by the mouth (saliva) and stomach (stomach acid).
    This adsorption takes time and you can notice this when you visit the toilet after you at something like raw food. Your body will want to get rid of it as soon as possible so there is no time for absorption.
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