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Homework Help: What effect does hydroxylamine have on peroxidase?

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    Hey all,

    I can't figure this out so I joined to ask. What effect does hydroxylamine treatment have on peroxidase activity and why? This is for a lab using a turnip. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Have you done the experiment in lab yet, or is this for a "prelab" quiz or preparation sheet?

    1.) If you've done the lab, what's the overall goal of the laboratory exercise? Did you work with the turnip or did you have to prepare some type of sample from a turnip? What kind of experiments did you do with your samples? What quantities did you measure, what observations did you make?

    2.) If this is for a prelab activity, does the experiment come with an introduction of some type? (Every lab manual I've seen for lab classes usually has some perfunctory treatment of the background.) Have you read it? If it was something you were asked to find out for yourself, did you exhaust your options (textbooks, online search engines, any additional papers/documents that your instructor may have provided)?
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    thanks for the response. Yeah I did the lab, I'm doing the lab report now, I created a Derivative Graph and it shows a downward curve (not sure if I did it right) I took the total absorbance over the 2 minutes, subtracted the absorbance value at the first 20 seconds, and then divided by 2. So I'm assuming it decrease because it blocks the active site? Does that make sense?
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    The lab was Determining the Properties of an Enzyme, we figured out the effect of pH, temperature, and competitive inhibitors on peroxidase(turnip extract)
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    What did you measure the absorbance of in the experiment? What does that indicate chemically occurred in your sample? Did you plot your absorbance as a function of time or the first derivative of your absorbance as a function of time? What kinds of samples did you run (what components in what amounts)?

    You've given us enough information to presume what you did, but for sure.
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    Thank you for your help. Found out that it does decrease.
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    You're welcome! Sometimes, I've noticed, if I just take a step back and figure out what is the big picture, what did I do, and what are the fundamental components of the experiment, things fall into place.

    BTW, If you're asked to discuss a possible chemical/structural basis for decreased activity and/or inhibition of peroxidase by hydroxylamine, think about how the structure and chemistry of hydroxylamine might compare to the structure and chemistry of hydrogen peroxide. Think about how peroxidase carries out its enzymatic chemistry in the context of hydrogen peroxide and how it might be different in the presence of hydroxylamine.
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