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What exists beyond the Universe?

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    I'm sure this is a tired question but I'm curious...if I were able to escape the boundary of the Universe, what would I see? The Universe supposedly resembles a "bubble." So...this cosmic bubble would have to exist within a larger medium, right?
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    The universe, finite or not, is unbounded. Absent supernatural powers, it is impossible [and illogical] to view the universe from 'outside' the universe.
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    You might assume that our universe is a wave complex bounded by a wave shell (a "bubble") that's expanding in a preexisting medium. You might also make assumptions about the properties of your assumed preexisting medium -- and what you would 'see' if you were "able to escape the boundary of the Universe", ie., if you could view things from outside the "bubble", would be based on those assumptions ... imo.
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