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Homework Help: What is 0.5 times 234.987 - Significant Figures?

  1. Feb 10, 2006 #1
    The question is 0.5 x 234.987

    And no the answer is not 117.4935

    i need to convert that number 117.4935 into one number. As 0.5 is only one significant figure.
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    Huh? If you want to retain only one significant figure then keep the most significant digit and drop the rest. 117.4935 is closer to 100 than to 200, so using a single significant the answer is 100. Unless I misunderstand your question.
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    What's the context of the question, Indigo? Significant figures are treated differently in different contexts. If you want to divide 234.987 by 2, you can keep a lot of the digits....
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