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What is ___ vs _ in Mathematica ?

  1. Jan 15, 2010 #1
    Hi guys ,

    I have the next declaration in Mathematica :

    myfunc [lis_list]

    and myfync [x_,y___]

    what does "lis_list" means ? I know that when I want to declare a variable of a function
    I must write myfunc[SomeVar_] with one _
    but what are 3 times _ (meaning ___)

    I hope I'm no asking a stupid question :)

    thanks !
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    I don't think it does anything? Testing it, it seems to have no effect.
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    _ is a pattern which can stand for any single expression, whereas ___ is a pattern that can stand for any sequence of 0 or more expressions. There is also __ which is a pattern that can stand for any sequence of 1 or more expressions.
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    It means that "lis" is only allowed to match a list, methinks. Mathematica's help system has a section on pattern matching -- it might be useful to go read it.
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