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What is a non-interacting subsystem?

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    Hello there, I was looking up explainations about intensive/extensive properties and I'm not too sure what is meant by " non-interacting subsystems" when it comes to extensive properties. I've tried googling the term but that came up with nothing. Could someone please tell me what is meant by "non-interacting subsystem" or direct me to a site which can.

    Thanks heaps...
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    Where did you find the term "non-interacting subsystems"? You might try reading "non-interacting" and "subsystems" in the literal sense of the words.
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    I tried that, but it always comes up with things relating to particle physics, and the sites assume knowledge about the topic (which I don't have). Also the terminology used is very hard to follow.

    I originally found the term on Wikipedia, but it pops up on other websites as well.
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