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What is all about cryptozoology

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    what is all about "cryptozoology"

    what is all about "cryptozoology" ? Is this branch of science really studies about the abonible beings ever existed on the earth? And where are the studies going on..? i mean the institutes..could you name few of them please..? thanks in advance..
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    Re: Cryptozoology

    It is entertaining..thanks
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    Re: Cryptozoology


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    Re: Cryptozoology

    Just for fun, I read an actual cryptozoology book once. Reporting sightings of the Loch Ness monster, there were three ratings for sightings: "Confirmed", "Unconfirmed" and "other". Not sure how a sighting can neigher confirmed nor unconfirmed. I'm pretty sure they didn't add up to %100 either.
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    Re: Cryptozoology

    I've read about some too, but i guess its possible for something to exist but still, how can they stay hidden for such a long time.
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