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What is an unapproved visitor message?

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    I got a notification today that said that I have an unapproved visitor message. That's a first for me. When do visitor messages need to be approved?

    I noticed that I can approve it myself, so I don't need help with that.
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    Lately, we have been having quite a lot of spam in the visitor messages. So in order to fight that, visitor messages of some members had to be approved. Greg can probably explain more, so let's wait for him :biggrin:
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    What is a visitor message please?

    I have seen nothing labelled thus, approved or unapproved.

    I do exchange quite a few private messages from those who simply want to resolve a problem quietly without fuss or the intervention of those who want to go tail chasing.
    This works very well to the satisfaction of all.
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    If you click on a person's avatar and go to their page, there is a place to leave a message for them on that page and you are a visitor there, so ...

    [EDIT] I see you have several of them on your page; did you not know that?
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    If you click on the "Welcome, Studiot" link in the upper right, you will see yours. If someone leaves a message there, you should get a notification. They differ from PMs in that they're visible to all who visit your profile page.
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    Thank you, Fredrik.

    I basically never visit that page, since I know who I am.
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    From time to time we moderate visitor messages to make sure we're not getting spammed "behind our back". I'll look through them in a minute.
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    I laughed.. haha. thank you.
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