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B What is beyond the edge of the universe?

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    Guys, what do you think is beyond the edge of the universe? There are a lot of theories, and I believe that the universe expands the same speed as light because if it goes any slower, it would meet. I think light interacts with dark matter to form a "boundary" of the universe in form of pure energy. Infinite universe makes no sense because then anything would be possible. BUT what would be beyond that edge?? What do you guys think?
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    Sorry, but there are no theories about what is beyond the edge of the universe because by far the prevailing theory holds that there is no edge. The simplest...mostly accurate... way to visualize it is that if you fly far enough in one direction you will eventually return to where you started.

    We have a ton of threads on the subject in the cosmology section...where I'm moving this thread to....have a read of the Balloon Analogy thread at the top of the forum.
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    According to actual theories there is no such thing as an edge of the universe.
    It was proved quite some years ago (through doppler effect i think) that the universe is expanding, but I'm not really sure about the expansion speed; I'll have to check out.

    Edit: didn't notice someone already answered, pardon ^^
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    'The Universe'. most used definition of the word is 'everything that exists'.
    There cannot be something outside of it by that definition.
    The question is similar to 'What happens if we go to North Pole, then continue to go North.'
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    I recommend the link in my signature
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