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Homework Help: What is magnetism, diamagnetism and paramagnetism?

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    I need help understanding both of these terms.

    I know that diamagnetism is when the valence electrons of the material are paired and repel a magnetic field.
    Does that mean it repels like the North side of a magnet to another North side of a magnet?
    Or is it they don't attract at all?

    Paramagnetism means the material has unpaired electrons,and the magnet attracts the material.
    But this isn't as strong as a ferromagnet,right? What makes something ferromagnetic?

    Ok so you know how you can magnetize something by putting a magnet near it? How does that happen. What happens to the electrons or whatever so that the material contains magnetic properties? Do the molecules have to be tilted in order to obtain a magnetic field?

    Can diamagnetic things have magnetic properties?

    What properties do magnetic things have that they wouldn't have if they weren't magnetic?

    Please help. This is insanely confusing :confused:
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