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What is Mechanism of DNA double from 1N to 2N

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    what is Mechanism of DNA double from 1N to 2N ?
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    I didn't exactly get your question but i can give you a general idea about ploidy (number of chromosomes).

    When a cell is not reproducing, it has two sets of each chromosome i.e. '2n' (diploid condition). Meiosis results in the production of germ cells which instead of two have just one set of each chromosome i.e. 'n' (haploid condition).
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    thank you
    OK let make question clearly
    after Meiosis
    when we have tow cell each one has chromosome i.e. 'n' how double chromosome i.e to be
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    I am really sorry but I still didn't get your question. Is it something like this?
    If this is the question then the answer is that haploid cells do not turn in to diploid cells. All somatic cells (cells which are not germ cells) naturally have 2 sets of each chromosome. It is only the germ cell which help in reproduction that have only one set of the chromosomes.

    I would suggest reading about cell division and the cell cycle to be clear about this.

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    Markone, obviously, English isn't your first language! Are you referring to the the possibility of genome duplication as a meiosis error? This would lead to 2n chromosomes where there would normally be only n.
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