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What is space, vaccuum, or nonexistence?

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    What I mean to say is what is energy? I mean what is matter? What does it have that seperates it from blankness or nothingness?

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    It's something we can measure.
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    It sounds like this is a rather philosophical question, but I think the answer to your question is that matter and energy exist and blankness or nothingness does not exist.
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    Energy is the ability to do work. And matter is something that takes up space and has a measurable mass. Does that answer satisfy you?
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    the indivisible 'atom' of existence is the 'event'. events happen. non-existence doesnt happen.

    mass and energy desribe 'how' events (in our universe) happen.
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    Not bad. But how do events "happen"? How do mass and energy "describe" this?
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    Yeah. So don't go blabbin' it around.:biggrin:
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    Make up your mind. Which is it: space, vacuum, nonexistence, energy or matter?
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    I guess I should have posted this philosophical forum...admin...can you move this into philosophy so people are free to say what they want?
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    Matter is a thing
    Energy is a thing

    When you don't have either you have no thing.
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    What is the difference btw matter and energy?
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    Matter is something that you can touch, and see around you. In philosphical terms, energy is a force fueling everything. I physics term, the ability to do work.
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    Then what keeps the energy dynamic? If it is big bang then what started big bang?

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    Alright, if energy is the force that enables work, then energy itself is dynamic, but it takes the form of elements, which we can either see or feel. Big Bang? - that theory is very controversial. Okay - immense compression of energy. One of it's properties is that it's dynamic, extremely. Therefore, I didn't like to be compressed in one place.
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    I don't like this kind of reasoning.

    If this theory is controversial then why don't you guys tell me how you think about it?
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    It appears that the answer to your question is that we really do not have the complete picture of matter and energy. As of now they are concepts which will finally lead to a complete understanding....
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    Matter and energy, according to Albert Einstein (and no-one has been able to show he's wrong yet) are equivalent. They aren't the same thing, obviously. Mass has an energy equivalent and vice-versa. Simple and succinct, or even beautiful. Certainly elegant.
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    Some people are saying that the simplest explaination of matter is that it is space vibrating.


    Not at all, its a property of what we often think of as a "thing":


    Edit: With these definitions in mind we might answer the OP's question (what is space?) with "everything".
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    What started time?
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