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What is that *one* superb quality that you have

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    What is that one thing(maybe many) about you that is very extraordinary and makes you feel proud about yourself ?
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    It is not extraordinary and it doesn't make me proud. However, one quality (skill, ability??) I am glad I have is the ability to sense a person's personality first time I see them. I immediately sense if he is "good" or "bad" and if we could be friends.
    I don't think this is something special as many people can do that, too. But yeah, it has saved me potential problems a couple of times and I think it is a useful ability in life.
    I am also pretty good at detecting other's emotions and moods which is both a strength and a curse as those emotions immediately stick to me and sometimes it's hard to get rid of them.
    From cognitive point of view, sometimes it seems to me that I am able to look at certain problems from more points of view than others. I don't have detailed knowledge of one subject but I like to place everything in one big picture where many many factors influence each other.
    Again, I do not think that these things make me somehow special. It's just saying that I am better at these things compared to sports, art or maths.
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    My friend has this quality too and she aspires to become a psychologist.
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    Combination of the ability to discern what's most important in something among alot of noise, coupled with decent (here you can see more qualities, ie modesty, lmao) intelligence that is always hungry and seeks more, all that coupled into a not too shabby intuition function of the brain...similar as above mentioned, but more extensive than just limited to people "reading". :D
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    Risk aversion. I've avoided racking up debt, toxic relationships, going into trendy careers that aren't good for me and otherwise reckless decisions that would have severely set my health or my life back. It comes with the fault of sometimes being indecisive.

    I also try to look at things objectively, and see things from each person's perspectives. I think being attentive to other people's needs in a relationship as well as admitting when I'm wrong has only helped me.
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    I do not have any, some times i have a spark of intelligence then it gets blown out:oops::H
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    I've been married to the same woman for 28 years. I'm very proud of that. I never thought I could, when I said I do.
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    Welcome to the club.
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    My dog, Dodger, is my best quality.
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    36 years for me, but my greatest accomplishment is probably perfecting the chocolate chip cookie, seriously though congratulations on 28 years, really gives a relationship perspective doesn't it? :wink:
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    Congratulations to you guys. I does seem to only get better with time. We're 40 years into it but its a second marriage for both of us. I guess we needed practice. In any case my wife gets all the credit. I have no idea how she has put up with me all these years. And off topic again.
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    I'm pretty sure that accumulating experience through a couple of marriages has its advantages as well, nothing wrong with that. You can check with your wife but she will likely agree with mine that its not true all the credit goes to one member in a relationship, my wife's analogy is marriage is a job like any other and you go to work on it everyday or someones going to get "fired".
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    My information retention and recall. I read and I remember a lot.

    Jack of all trades yet a master of none.
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    Empathy. I seldomly feel the urge to laugh at the expense of someone who is learning. Or any other circumstance.
    For example when someone does something completely wrong in the gym, or makes an incredibly stupid mistake in school. I know how it feels to be ashamed and reluctantly try something new because you know you're going to fail. Back in the old days it was manly to laugh at one another and point fingers because men need to be tough. I despise such traditional behaviour, despite it mostly being people who grew up in such an atmosphere.
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    One of the most undervalued emotions going these days, we would all do well to cultivate more of it.
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    jim hardy

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    That Fair Anne and i got all five of our respective kids and stepkids launched as responsible and productive young adults.

    That as a career line worker who 'never went anywhere' i was recognized and sought out as a troubleshooter and mentor.
    Proudest day was after i'd taught a class on PWR Steam Break Protection system, our technicians ranked it best training course they'd ever had. And our incident rate with that system went way down .

    It's okay to be just a tiny cog in the big machine.
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    Professionally: Developing the color formulations for DowBrands baggies, you know the red and blue makes purple ones. Even though
    Dow sold the business to SC Johnson, my formulations are still being used.
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    Super ! To the point !
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    I can proofread and find ALL of the errors anyone else makes. Unfortunately, it doesn't work for what I write.
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    That scares me even more. :frown:

    As for me:
    tl;dr - Quality: Very sensitive to sounds. Pros - spider or insect detecting at windows at nights. Cons - sometimes the brain plays one on me and sometimes it works against me.
    Le fiance says: "Just go to sleep."
    Me: "No! There's a spider or something in the window, I can hear it." :nb)
    Yes, please. Quite down.
    I am very, very sensitive to sounds, but that's perhaps because I am a scaredy cat at nights (sensory overload). At nights you could say that I sleep, but at the same time I'm on irregular alert for slight sounds of insects and whatnot. Since I'm scared of spiders, even the slightest sound of a spider walking on the frames of my windows wakes me up. Although in very rare occasions what I think is a spider is another thing.

    Of course it comes with a downside. Humans are noisy and it is unbearable when they wake up and walk or talk on the apartment or home while I sleep. I feel the vibrations of their walking or talking and it bothers me, it doesn't let me sleep. Boys voices are terrible, they are deep and vibrate deeper in my body. Even though girl voices aren't that special either, they also vibrate (easier to ignore and continue sleeping, but they still vibrate and can be annoying sometimes).

    Although I have noticed that as time goes by I'm losing the touch (hearing sensitivity), I'm still pretty good hearing slight sounds that others ignore.
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    I think for me it's just plain old work ethic. Get things done without complaint and as efficiently as possible.
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    True. Resistance is futile !
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    Oh, jeez, I don't think I have anything superb. It's more like a bunch of smaller things that aren't superb.
    I agree with @Psinter that that's scary. I lost a lot of points on an assignment once because the teacher was too nit-picky about grammar. His complaints were like, "You used the passive voice and that's just being lazy" :H
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