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Medical What is the averadge reaction time for a human being?

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    I cant find a good reliable resause to get a good answer to this question?? can anyone help me by giving me a answer or a good website ?? please ....
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    I just googled [What is the average reaction time for a human being?].
    The the second hit was: http://www.humanbenchmark.com/tests/reactiontime/stats.php

    It says that the median is 215 ms.
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    as you can see from the data there are two types of people

    fast ones and slow ones.

    You see it in how the data is not perfectly "bell".
    it is stacked towards quicker.

    The logical mode of the human mind shuts down emotional reads to speed access and react quicker.

    if they sort by age and body type this will be obvious in the data.

    younger are quicker and in the logical mode
    older are slower and in the emotional mode
    older faster outliers will have lean body types to conform with the physiological responses linked to the quicker mode.
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    Research competitive quickdraw speeds. The competitions determine and account for reaction time during shooting, and have a lot of data regarding it. I think an untrained individual in most situations comes in under 1/4 second, but this can get a little quicker with training.
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