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What is the average mass a black hole consumes

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    what is the average mass a black hole consumes daily/weekly/yearly,
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    No such figures are known. Black holes throughout the universe can have masses ranging over many orders of magnitude, and can exist in many different circumstances (in the core of a galaxy, or out in the "suburbs" near the edge, for example). There are too many factors involved to give an answer to this question.

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    Just to make sure we're not looking at a common misconception, black holes aren't cosmic vacuum cleaners, sweeping up any matter anywhere near them. Gravitationally, from a short distance away, they behave like any other massive object (such as the star they were formed from). So unless they happen to have a source of matter nearby (such as a companion red dwarf that is blowing off its outer layers), they won't necessarily consume anything after they form.
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    it depends upon the acreetion disc of a black hole. black hole takes in matter due to which its event horizon increases and the mass increases too. so it depends upon which or what or when matter falls in its event horizon. we cannot predict it according to time as daily/weekly/monthly because time stops at the eventhorizon. it is basically disorder which takes place randomly.
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