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Homework Help: What is the degeneracy of the ground state

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    [tex]V(r)=2[3\frac{(S \cdot r)^2}{r^2}-S^2]

    and V_0(r) is a rotationally invariant potential, p=p1-p2, the relative momentum and m' the reduced mass. S=S1+S2 spin operator.

    Assume first that V(r) is zero; what is the degeneracy of the ground state assuming that each of the dipoles are spin 1/2. After turning on V(r) how is the degeneracy split; what are the "quantum numbers" i.e. eigenvalues J and S of those new states.


    Any hints on how to start on a problem like this?
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    Whats confusing me is how to handle

    p^2 |a>

    V_0 |a>
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    I solved it
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