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I What is the reason behind uncertainty principle?

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    Heisenberg's uncertainty principle:
    due to experimental limitations or dual nature of matter? Or both?
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    I don't know what "dual nature of matter" means, but the HUP is a fact of nature, not a measurement limitation. There are approximately 8,000 threads on this forum explaining that. My point is that for fundamental questions like that a forum search is a good idea before you start yet another thread.
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    By dual nature I meant wave-particle duality.
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    There are many many threads here, including this recent one in which you are already posting: https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/uncertainty-principle-intent-behind-it.878026/

    Start reading it from the beginning; you'll find the explanation for why thI'm saying "Neither" around #4. (Although #3 is also a good starting point).

    I'm closing this thread because it is redundant - you can read some of the existing threads on the subject and you'll likely find answers to most of your questions. If after doing that something is still not clear, then by all means post up some more questions.
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