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Medical What is the truth about statins

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    I read something different nearly every day about the pros and cons of statins, are they good for one or bad?
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    Best to discuss with your doctor.

    Here are some of my own experiences.

    I had a very minor stroke some years ago evidenced by temporary numbness in both my left arm and left leg while reading a newspaper. I ran to the emergency room, they gave me no medication did a lot of tests. Next I gave up newspapers!!

    My own doctor, three different ones over about ten years, says I should NOT worry about CO Q 10 supplements because I am on statins. So I don't ...They Implied THAT was not a good idea despite all the ads you may see.

    I also recently saw an article that the CDC, I believe, says it no longer recommends liver function tests because the incidence of statins causing liver problems is negligible. My doctor continues those tests about every 9 mos. So you can see conflicting advice already....

    You can try web MD but I don't know if that's an 'approved' reference source here: anyway, you can arm yourself with questions based on that or other reading and proceed to a doctor...and maybe a second opinion....

    In my own case, I experience several of the side effects:
    to a minor degree.

    When I discussed 'muscle aches' I decided I had joint aches rather than muscle...but how do you tell?? Which are statin related and which are aging?? I have no idea. All those things are common side effects of aging without statins.

    So far, I remain alive....I think.
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    My doctor recommended them as i was and will be sedentary after my operation, how ever i am not sure i need them and would rather not take them if there is any chance of harmful effects.
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    It's not uncommon to find side effects that can be harmful with some medications, even if only rarely. This is something that you should discuss with your doctor. He might want to start you on a low dose and gradually increase and watch closely for adverse side effects. Obviously we cannot predict which side effects might appear in which patients. You can get a list of known side effects from googling the manufacturer's website, or sites like WebMD. Remember though, these are every possible known side effect, not that you will suffer these side effects, and some may be so minor that the benefits outweigh them.

    Good Luck on your surgery Wolram. Keep in touch, please. :smile:

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