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What is your best/worst grade at school

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    Best - C in maths and ICT

    Worst - F in Geography.
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    Your best grade is a C? I really hope you find out what it is that is bothering you and that you'll be able to fix this issue.
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    OK my best grade was B and I had no worst grades, as I was only failed the classes. My teachers said C was the worst, and A was the best. I was an average student. I guess it was because I always thought outside the box and so my studies was always done also far away from the exam contents.
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    mostly A's and B's but I might have gotten a C once.
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    That was unnecessary!
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    Well I'm sorry. I didn't mean it in a bad way.
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    What's ICT? Is that a UK thing?
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    As an undergraduate I got a C in linear algebra. Twenty years later as a graduate student I not only got an A, I was the best in a class of sixty grad students: finished the final first, got everything right, impressed the professor, hardly studied, etc. Unfortunately linear algebra was the only thing I was good at. I sucked at all other forms of algebra.
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    Excluding the ones on the last year when I had too many disciplines to complete, and took 10/20 in some, my second worst was 12/20 in experimental Physics. Really hated those lab classes, and even more so the teachers who hardly knew more Physics than undergraduates and couldn't explain the methods well. Best was 19/20 in some programming classes.
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    Worst I ever had was 5/20.
    The best was 19/20 for an intro programming course (C).

    In fact I scored every outcome between my lowest and highest. My only regret is that I never had a 20/20.
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    C = Intro to Social Work (elective) lol

    A = Statistical Math, Anatomy and Phys etc
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    I was held back in Kindergarten, so I suppose this is an F. In college, I covered the entire spectrum from D- to A- (no clear A's). In graduate school I earned about 2/3 A's and 1/3 B's. In various courses as an unenrolled student at the grad level I earned a B+, two Bs (in one case the Professor told me he reported a B- and then changed his mind to a B. I went back to him to make sure this was not a mistake. He told me it was no mistake. That is the first time that happened. Usually when a professor reports the low grade to the student, and the student accepts it, he has no reason to change it. I was not in the program so I did not need the grade anyway, it was just for enrichment. This is the first time that happened.), two more B-'s (one; a course I had to take at work, and one a summer course I did not need) and one C-. I suppose I covered the entire spectrum.
  15. Aug 31, 2015 #14
    I got an E in As level maths, which is equivalent to first year of high school I think.

    And I got 86% in mathematical methods for physics 2 at the end of last year...

    Things have picked up :)
  16. Aug 31, 2015 #15
    Got an E for GCSE art once.
    In my defense that was a very hard course and I was very laz..waiit.
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