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B What is your favorite planet of the solar system?

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    What is?
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    Thanks for this nice question, for me I have to choose between Neptune(because it is blue) and Saturn (because of what else the rings). I think I ll choose Neptune, I like a lot the blue colour :D.
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    Earth. Because without it, I'd have to look for a new job.
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    Pluto, to protest its demotion. Besides, you have to love a planet named after Mickey Mouse's dog.
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    It's also got the cutest little heart on it ❤️

    Mine would be Mars. No planet has captured our imagination like it and I'm certain I'll live long enough to watch humans walk on her surface.

    I'm also quite fond of mighty Jupiter. The possibility of it nurturing biospheres on its moons fills me with a sense of wonder.
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    darn it sole my answer!
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    I too prefer earth, it's the only planet that will put up with me.
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    Jupiter. Beyond weird. Love it.

    It's also yuge.
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    Yep. Someone should go there and dig some channels ...
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    Venus, just because of the wierd fact that it has only done one full orbit since its discovery
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    Did you mean to say Neptune?
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    I give Pluto honorable mention, because it both rocks and rolls. Who doesn't love ice volcanoes? But, there is no place like home. 'Til we turn it into Venus...
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    One full orbit of what? And which discovery?
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    Uranus...the most underrated planet. It's my favorite :).
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    apologies. the reply was meant to say 2 not 1 and that since venus was discovered in the 1580s and an 2 rotations not orbits on its axis.
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