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What makes one smarter than the other?

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    I am aware of the jaw evolution that caused our brain size to increase but I believe there are animals that have bigger brains than we do like extincted dinosouras. What I dont get is what makes one smarter than the other? How did we become the dominating species? How did we accelerate so much in science? Please try to answer quickly b/c I have an essay due on monday.

    I am not only talking about humans vs animals, but also talking about humans vs. humans. What makes one humans smarter than other? Although I know that there are several kinds of smartness, I am talking biologically. For instance, I know the bigger the brain is and the more oxygen a person gets, the smarter he becomes.
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    Shame one you. If this is a class, you've no doubt had discussions, have a textbook, and should have been awake.

    Brain size is one aspect, but cerebral folds is another. Try to pay attention in class.
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    Alright, I researched about it and I got it. There is one thing though I still don't get, what makes 1 human smarter than another? I am not talking different types of intelligence, I am talking about stuff like taking more oxygen, greater blood flow, etc.

    Btw, these questions are not coming from a science class, but rather an english class for an essay. I do pay attention in class.
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    The answer I found to why we are smarter than animals is that the size of the brain doesn't matter, but what matters is the proportional size to the body and how much folded the cerebral is. Well, if their brain cells were bigger than our brain cells, that would make sense, but that is not true. Hence the only conclusion I can come up w/ is that there brain is smarter than us but b/c our cerebral is folded so much, it overcomes that. To be clear, if our cerebral wasn't folded and their wasn't folded at all either, then they would smarter than us. All I said though is an effort to understand the truth b/c I am a noobie so can someone proofread my reasoning?
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    You see, this is why I posted in the Brain department, what good is the educational department if no one answers?
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