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Programs What must i do from now to ensure i get my degree in physics

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Hi everyone. Physics is my passion. Ever since the beginning of this year I've read 2 books in physics (a brief history of time & a universe from nothing), which is a big accomplishment for me considering it was was first 2 books that I've read. Although i didn't understand much, the parts i did understand i found fascinating. Im in grade 10 now, and 19 years of age. Im willing to put the hard work in although maths and physics isn't very intuitive to me. What must i do from now to ensure i will make it through university and get my degree in physics, hopefully even masters.

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The answers depend a bit on where you are. In most places, there are college entrance exams that you will need to perform well on in math and science. You need to work very hard in the math and science courses you are in now to prepare for those.

Admission to university and paying for it are two obstacles that come next. Then there is the task of succeeding in one course at a time en route to a physics major. Plan on two or three hours of hard work outside of class for each class hour.

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