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What physicist said SR would be garbage by 1945?

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    It was about 20 years ago but since I've started studying physics independently I keep reminiscing about what my high school physics teacher taught me even though it doesn't have any utility. One thing he said was that Einstein showed his theory of SR to a physicist and the latter responded with by 1945 this will be garbage. Does anyone know who this is. I'm guessing Lorentz but it's just a guess.
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    There was and still is a cottage industry in refuting SR and GR. Here is a wiki page on it.

    Criticism of the theory of relativity.

    I don't know what physicist predicted that it would be garbage by 1945. That's a rather strange way to talk for a physicist who has seen theory after theory replaced by improved versions. Einstein's theory did not turn Newton's into garbage.
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    this guy still doesn't like relativity, so much so that he attacks virtually everything else too!

    There was quite a lot of opposition to relativity though.. I'm guessing any of the opponents would have said relativity would be found to be garbage.
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