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What pressure inside that tree trunk?

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    Having a background of horticulture training (NZTCH) and tree specialisation (NSW Arbor Techniques & Tree Surgery), I'm very interested in biomechanics so enjoy books written by authors like Prof. Dr. Claus Mattheck
    No idea what forum area this is relevant to but my question is:
    Given a height in metres, and a circumference in metres, is the internal pressure predictable in a big tree?
    Well aware of the combination of osmotic pressure, capillary action and transpiration suction that provide this pressure; but how to guesstimate? We can assess the height of a tree without climbing it (roughly accurate).
    Has anyone ever come across any scientific study on internal tree pressures?
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    Hi Nat Collett. Welcome to the Physics Forums.

    These forums are divided into various 'specialties' with the intention that posts on a particular topic will that way be more likely to be seen by those with an interest in that topic. The forum you posted to is for Introductions by new members, basically an opportunity for you to say Hi and test your browser's compatibilty with the forum software.

    While relevance is essential, it's also a case of where your post belongs that determines where it needs to be lodged. Technical questions belong in the appropriate technical forum. For pressure in trees, try Biology. https://www.physicsforums.com/forums/biology.82/

    You will need to post again, in the correct forum.

    Tree pressure is off-topic in this Introductions forum, so thread is closed to further replies.
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