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  1. R

    Trees are natural

    A tree seed takes water and minerals(?) from the ground, carbon and oxygen(?) from the air, and heat and light(?) from the sun. When a tree dies and dries up, it can be used as firewood, a source of energy. Is there a way to capture that energy without the seed-tree scenario? i.e., but can we...
  2. S

    C/++/# Djikstra's algorithm with distance 1 between every node

    Does anyone know whether there exists a specialized Djikstra's algorithm for when every node has the same distance between it? Or to think of it another way, an algorithm for simply finding the minimum number of moves to get from 1 node to another? e.g. in the following A - B - C...
  3. G

    Countability of binary trees

    Homework Statement We'll define a binary tree as a tree where the degree of every internal node is exactly 3. Show that the set of all binary trees is countable. Homework Equations A set is countable if it is finite or there is a one-to-one correspondence with the natural numbers. The Attempt...
  4. G

    Data structures and algorithms: Priority queue as Binary Tree

    Homework Statement Explain and compare two efficient implementations of a priority queue using binary tree. Ilustrate this on an example of ascending priority queue that is created when elements 15, 38, 45, 21, 8, 55,20 are inserted and the two largest elements are deleted. Homework Equations...
  5. N

    What is the pressure inside that tree?

    Hi, Having a background of horticulture training (NZTCH) and tree specialisation (NSW Arbor Techniques & Tree Surgery), I'm very interested in biomechanics so enjoy books written by authors like Prof. Dr. Claus Mattheck My question is: Given a height...
  6. 22990atinesh

    How to check whether an array represents max heap

    Homework Statement Does the following array represents the binary max heap 99,98,97,55,49,49,48,13,54 99,98,97,55,54,49,49,48,13 Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I've tried to construct the tree structure and all the above array representation satisfies the binary max heap...