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What should i expect in physics in college?

  1. Mar 2, 2013 #1
    First off, sorry for wrong location of post. I am wondering what kind of stuff you guys do in college physics. Is it similar to AP Physics? What should I expect in the Biochemistry Major, I was looking at the suggested courses on my future college's website and I think it was something like Gen. Physics I in soph. year and Gen. Physics II in jr. year
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    Can you refine your question a little bit?
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    AP Physics B or C?
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    As a biochem major taking general physics I and II I would expect it to be very similar to high school AP physics. At least it was like that in my university. Now, if you were to take more advanced physics major courses, then obviously they would be much more in depth.
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    Yea I'm in physics C now

    Say my major could be neuroscience or biochem
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