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What should i go to graduate school for?

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    Hey so I am a passionate math major and am pretty good at it. But I have been told several times that if I don't want to teach then I probably shouldn't go to graduate school for math.
    I am good with computers but hate programing. love physics but hate lab work.

    so with my skills what should i go to graduate school for? I am pretty sure I won't be able to find a job with just a BS in mathematics so I know I need to do something extra just can't settle down on anything.

    any thoughts?
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    I really don't think there's any way that anyone other than yourself can answer this question. I know it isn't the answer you're looking for - but going to graduate school just for the sake of it...? It's a big commitment and courses vary from extremes in difficulty and end-result prospects. It's a decision you have to make based on what you want to do - what things/courses were you interested in during your degree? Narrowing it down from 'i like math but not programming' isn't realistic at all - there are thousands of courses out there. What courses did you 'love' in physics? and which did you enjoy in maths?

    Asking yourself these questions is the starting point for deciding where ones future lies. Once you have a list of your answers, narrow it down by examining prospects and deciding where you might want to end up. Once you've done that, look at the schools that offer the subjects that you're left with. Compare the programmes, and the ones that look good for you are the ones you apply to.

    Really? Why do you think that? Math graduates are desirable for various types of graduate training programmes within large companies. If you want a job, you could find one (to apply to, anyway)
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    I am in my junior year and am taking graduate logic and algebra courses next year. out of all my undergraduate classes I enjoyed these fields the most and am looking forward to studying them in more detail. when I did physics I was just so good at it that i enjoyed it. I enjoyed taking quantum 1 and 2 in particular but wasn't a big fan of E&M.

    I was unaware of these graduate training programs that you mentioned. I would love to get a job somewhere and pick up some experience before I decide either way.

    The reason I mentioned computers was because I have always had jobs fixing them so I like doing that stuff and am good at it. but I could never stand my programing classes...
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