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What should people know about becoming a patent attorney?

  1. Sep 15, 2015 #1
    I have a few questions I am currently pursuing a degree in EE and want to attend Law school to become a Patent attorney.

    1. What is the difference between IP law and Patent law?

    2. You mentioned that it was hard to get a job in the field back in a post from 2012, have you noticed an increase in job openings with the increase in technology. If technology increases as what seems to be an exponential rate, does you see this as Patent Law being a field that is going to be growing and more demanding?

    3. Obviously a MS is better than a BS do you find it necessary for an EE to have a MS in order to have a good starting job? Also i will have 8 months of experience, when I graduate, from co-ops. While in Law school do you see it to be better to try to get more experience in my summers off while in law school by doing more co-ops or internships, or do you think it is better to try to take courses in the summer to work towards a MS in EE an CE. If it is a 3 year program, i will have 3 summer off where i can take some classes towards a MS or gain potentially 9 months experience. A MS on top of my JD would be very expensive, do you see a return in the investment or if my law school is good enough do you think that will set me ahead enough.

    4. What are some good schools for someone who is projected to get a 3.6 GPA in an EE degree and a 165 on the LSAT, I looked at some schools online and saw there average acceptance criteria, I guess a better question would be based off of your knowledge of well established schools are there any that come to mind that are very well respected in the Patent law field that could be within reach for me?
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