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What to ask when visiting a university?

  1. Apr 23, 2014 #1
    What to ask when visiting a university???

    Hello everyone, tomorrow and friday I will be visiting a few different universities including UCSB, UCLA, UCR and UCI.

    I have a meeting with a adviser of the undergraduate mathematics program and UC Santa Barbara. I do not believe she is an actual mathematician, just one of the staff, but there will be a peer advisior who I will most likely be able to talk to. What sort of questions should I ask? Can I mention that I am interested in a double major? Any advice on what to look for in a potential undergraduate university would be much appreciated.
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    Should probably ask about research and internship opportunities, depending on what you are going for.
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    Just a simple list off of the top of my head:

    Potential for an undergraduate to be involved in research and give a presentation.
    Type of programs/jobs graduates go into after graduation.
    Number of people who transfer out of the program.
    Clubs/groups for undergraduates to meet other undergraduates.
    Resources the university provides to prepare a student for graduate school or the work force.
    Relations that the university may have with any companies.
    Ability and opportunity to take graduate level courses during your later years.
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